Bleue had the privillege of getting up close with Robb and Lulu Zagame, the creative duo behind swimwear and resortwear brand Robb & Lulu.

How did the Robb&Lulu label start?

From the day she was born, Lulu was a creative child. She grew up with a mother who fostered her love of sewing and a grandmother who instilled in her the love for colour, painting and the arts.

At 17, she launched her first business with identical twin sister, Sophia. The called it Savage Sisters, and created groovy active wear. Even though Lulu worked for other major fashion houses throughout the years, she always continued her own label on the side.

It wasn’t until she met Rob, her now husband and business partner, that things started to fall together. Due to his business know-how, Rob helps provide the structure and framework for the business to thrive. Lulu prides herself on the creative direction and all the nitty gritty day-to-day workings of the business. However, Rob loves to be involved in the overall styling and design aspects of the brand.

How would you describe the label?

Robb & Lulu differs from other brands because we like to see our swimwear as walking artwork. Every print is hand illustrated by Lulu in her studio and first thought of as an artwork before it turns into a textile print. The prints are always unique and exclusive to the brand.

The three key words we use to describe our brand are ‘ COLOUR / BODY / FUN’. 

  • Colour : It is our mission to continue to bring electric colour into the swimwear market. We love loud, original prints and bold colours. It would be pretty hard to find a colour bright enough to scare us away. We love them all!
  • Body : We tailor every piece to fit the female form perfectly. We pride ourselves on optimal quality. When we are designing our swimwear we use gathering, tucks, and ties within our garments to flatter the shape of any woman.
  • Fun: Every piece has to make you smile! Because why else would you buy swimwear!


What is your favourite part about being a fashion designer?

  • Lulu’s favourite part of being a fashion designer is finding some time in her busy schedule to illustrate. Even though she is running the daily workings of the business she loves sitting down, without disturbances, blasting loud music and illustrating new prints. She thinks of herself as an artist above all. So this time is very special to her.

Where do you get your inspirations for the designs you create?

Nature, colour and the world around me. I love the forms of nature. It could be a flower, a piece of fruit.. Anything.

Lulu says she is inspired by colour.

How do you select the materials you use?

The brand prides itself on exceptional quality textiles. The quality of our pieces is just as important to us as the design themselves.

Who will love the label most?

Girls who aren’t afraid to make some noise! Our customers are confident in their skin and willing to throw away that black bikini and have some fun! Our customers are all different shapes and sizes, but the one thing they have in common is their ability to have some fun at the pool or beach, look incredible and show off what they’ve got!

What have been your most popular styles?

Our Lilac Fire Combo in the Basic Tri has been very popular. Everyone seems to love the super bright fluro colours. For the last few seasons we have continued to use Mermaid Aqua as a solid and it has also been consistently popular. The 50’s High pant with a little more coverage sells well in store and online!

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