It is truly a remarkable gift to be so talented in so many areas –  from clocks to watches, to iconic bracelets, to women’s wear and accessories. This is the story of the French designer Christophe Sauvat, who from the early 1980’s have made a name for himself as the premier designer, consulting for and collaborating with some of the world’s top design houses such as Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, L’Artisan du Luce, Antik Denim and Pratt’s Denim.

Christophe Sauvat’s prolific career began as a designer of clocks and watches, earning him numerous awards in France. Always eager to explore his artistic ambition, he then moved to Brazil where he turned his attention to designing and making the iconic Brazilian thread bracelet, an item of accessory so adorned by everyone from royalty to celebrities. It was so popular, in fact,  that more than eight million of these bracelets were sold in just two short years, after having featured in numerous fashions shoots in high-end magazines such as ELLE.

Drawing his inspiration from the ancient art of Batik printing from Indonesia, he co-founded Antik Batik in Paris. This marriage of traditional culture and contemporary clothing has, in fifteen years, made the women’s fashion store into a household name in France. However, in 2007  he sold all his share in the company and now designs women’s wear under his own name.

“The Christophe Sauvat line is about a confident, well travelled and assertive woman. A line consisting of beautifully made dresses, tops and accessories using ancient traditional forms of printing and embroidery.”

Christopher Sauvat

Christophe Sauvat